A Bright Future

The USAWKF National Championships held over Memorial Day Weekend in Lubbock Texas, brought together over 100 athletes from all over the nation to compete for a spot on the USA national team that will represent the USA at the IWF world championships in Fort Worth this November.

United Marital Arts will have 3 team representatives in Livingston McKinzie, Audrey Meeks, and Bruce Wang. They both won their divisions and due to their previous accomplishments and performances, were selected by the USAWKF Sanda Committee to represent the USA once again. In addition to their selection, a special acknowledgment must be given to one of United Martial Arts’ newest athletes in Tyler Wade. 

Tyler competed in the 60kg division and with only 9 months of experience was able to make it to the semi finals of his division. He lost in the semi finals to in a closely contested match against the very talented and experienced Spencer Meng and would end up taking bronze. Spencer would go on to win the division and be selected to represent the USA as well. It was considered by most to be one of the most exciting matches of the event and it was a great contest between these two young talented men.

However, Tyler’s performance considering his inexperience gained the attention from many of those in attendance, coaches and competitors have now cemented himself as a top prospect for USA Sanda. When asked his opinion on his experience at his first National Championship, “I truly believe in the concept of what you pin in is what you get out. Not only in competing in Sanda, but Jiujitsu and all other competitive outlets. Your quality of effort and work will reflect your performances and outcomes. So, I try my very best to bust my butt and show to train even when I don’t want to! That in combination with my team and coaches at UMA I believe, allow me to have some success at this early stage in my career.”.

Congrats on a job well done in Tyler Wade in your rookie performance and good luck to Livingston, Audrey, Bruce, and the rest of Team USA!