Building Resilient Children at United Martial Arts

Building Resilient Children

Here at United Martial Arts our goal for all of our children’s programs are to build strong, tough, resilient
children through hard training and competition.

Whether the class is Sanda, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiujitsu, or MMA, we do our very best to instill in our
kids the concepts that will make them more capable to handle the stressors society can sometimes
place on them. We use competition to speed this process along in conjunction with educating them in a
proper training philosophy.

With the correct outlook they can learn that winning is not what is important, but rather effort. When
confronted with adversity, it is normal for children to try and avoid the pressures of confrontation that
comes with sparring in Sanda, rolling in jiujitsu or even being with a large group of children they are not
familiar with. Its human nature to avoid confrontation, fear of pain or injury, but we encourage them to
overcome these obstacles. With continuous effort and when responsibly accepting the outcome of
competition, children begin to understand that hardships are best confronted with a belief in
themselves and hard work. This becomes a habit and a virtue that can be applied to other stressful
moments they may meet in life.

At the end of the day we are committed to building resilient kids through fun, challenging marital arts
that are meaningful above all else! It can be truly inspiring to see what they are capable of!