United Martial Arts Instructors

Coach Yi-Yuan (Ian) Lee

Head Coach – United Martial Arts Training Center

Born in 1971, Coach Ian Lee began his martial arts training at a young age. After he became an athlete, Coach Lee participated in many combative competitions such as boxing and Chinese quick wrestling, and specialized in the Sanda combat style. He held a superior record during his athletic career which includes seven times national champions and two times international champions. Currently, he dedicates himself to promoting and coaching Sanda at United Martial Arts Training Center in Lubbock.

Coach Lee has been assigned by USAWKF as the head coach for U.S.A. Sanda Team since 2007.  In addition to his coaching success, Coach Lee has been serving as board member and the vice president for Sanda under USAWKF to further promote the sports.

  • Head Coach for Team U.S.A. in 15th World Wushu Championships, Shanghai, China – 2019
  • Head Coach for Team U.S.A. in 8th Pan American Wushu Championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2010
  • Head Coach for Team U.S.A. in 11th World Wushu Championships, going to Ankara, Turkey – 2011
  • Head Coach for Team U.S.A. in 9th World Wushu Championships, Beijing, China – 2007
  • Assistant Coach for Team U.S.A. in Wu Shu World Cup in Macao, China – 2003

Coach Cory Johnson

Cory Johnson is a Sanda and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BlackBelt. He has fought internationally in Sanda, Kickboxing, MMA, and jujitsu. He is a multiple time National Sanda champion as well as a IBJJF Masters No Gi champion. He’s passionate in the use of training/competing to instill strength, determination, and character in students.

Cory began training in Sanda with Coach Lee since 2006. He developed a deep passion for competing and was encouraged by Coach Lee to pursue international competitions. Since then he has competed and coached internationally for the US Sanda team.

From then on, he has won the USAWKF national Sanda championship over 10 times, USA National Team Member, Pan American Silver Medalist, and was the 2018 Pan American USA Team Coach.

Coach Bruce Wang

Bruce began training in Sanda with Coach Lee since 2010. Under coach Lee’s training he has won medals from various national events. He represented team USA in the 2017 World championships in Russia and the University Games in Taiwan. Bruce has taught at UMA since 2013 and enjoys seeing people achieve happiness through training. For the last 8 years he has also trained Brazil Jiu Jitsu and now holds the rank of Brown belt.