Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport developed in Thailand and is sometimes referred to as Thai Boxing. This art is a combat sport that incorporates various striking techniques as well as fighting from clinching. It is also knowns as the “art of eight limbs”, due to the use of fists, elbows ,knees, and shins.  Thai boxing is a key component in Thai culture and has various aspects of it that are unique and not found in other striking arts.

In Thailand as it is in China, children start training and competing at a very young age. There are many techniques and games we use in our kids striking classes that were developed in Thailand to help grow various skills and mental toughness. Along with Sanda, Boxing, Wresting, and Chinese quick wrestling, our striking program for children is diverse and fun!

Muay Thai has increased in popularity over the years due to westerners competing in various kickboxing events whose rules were mixed with that of Muay Thai. This also aided in striking training in Mixed Martial Arts athletes and with the rise of the UFC, Muay Thai has become a popular art in the west.

Due to its similarity with Sanda, our very own Coach Lee has made multiple trips to Thailand and has done multiple training camps there. He was always interested in incorporating the positive aspects of Muay Thai into his own training. He also achieved the level C of a Certified International Muay Thai coach. Coach Lee wanted to develop a system that incorporated the cardio and bodily condition that in his mind, Thai Boxers seemed to excel at. The ability to fight many rounds, their ability to take impact, and the mental training among Thai Boxers is second to none in many martial artists opinion.

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Here at United Martial Arts, we incorporate the valuable lessons, training modalities, and philosophy that Coach Lee learned in his camps in Thailand and we have incorporated them in our striking program.

We incorporate various techniques from the clinch for our MMA athletes such as, elbows, knees, and other specific takedowns or sweeps that are prevalent in Muay Thai. We have found that incorporating these are very beneficial and fun for our students. It allows us to change up the curriculum so things stay fun and fresh.

Here at United Martial Arts the importance of Muay Thai and its effect on our program cannot be understated. It allows us to incorporate the things from this sport to better benefit our Sanda and MMA athletes, as well as preparing them for kickboxing or Muay Thai fights. It makes us one of the most diverse gyms around and permits us to produce well rounded students and athletes.

The program is designed for all ages, and for both boys and girls.  We make it easy for beginners to start building interests.  With our commitment to humbly studying useful martial arts such as Muay Thai, we are better able to help and provide a more balanced approach to training our students. We are confident that with this mentality in our coaches and athletes, we will be able to accomplish great things on and off the mats.

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